Internal procedures in the law firm


Today our managing partner Anna Ogrenchuk shared her professional insights on how to be successful in managing a law firm. The online-event Partners’ school was organized by the Ukrainian Bar Association.

During the speech, Anna focused on the internal procedures in the law firm – team & finance management, profitability issues, as well as workflow optimization. These topics caused wild excitement and interest among the participants.

To sum up the discussion, here are the 4 main recommendations from Anna:

• Build a consistent HR policy in the company – it is a guarantee of your professionalism.
• Develop an effective system of financial planning and accounting – it will ensure the stability of your company.
• Optimize business processes (for example, implement a CRM system and keep track of the working hours) – it will help to distribute the workflow and optimize the workload of the personnel.
• Talk about yourself and your expertise among colleagues, on social networks, and in the media – it will strengthen your competencies for the clients.

More details are available in Anna’s presentation: