Compensation for Damage Caused by russia. The most current and relevant


Compensation for damage caused to business by the aggression of the russian federation is a necessary component of the revival of Ukraine’s economy. Action plans and recovery mechanisms are currently being developed. LCF Law Group cooperates with the state and international experts, participates in the development of draft laws, advises companies on current opportunities and actions that need to be done today.

On May 18, 2022, 11:00 LCF Law Group together with American chambers of Commerce will hold an online conference  “Compensation for Damage Caused by the War with russia. The most current».


–  Sergiy Benedysiuk, LCF Law Group partner, head of corporate, M&A and antitrust at LCF Law Group, attorney at law.

– Olena Volianska, LCF Law Group partner, head of bankruptcy and restructuring, attorney at law, insolvency practitioner;

– Iryna Kobets, LCF Law Group counsel, head of dispute resolution, attorney at law;

– Maksym Sheverdin, LCF Law Group partner, head of white-collar crime, attorney at law.

Topics under discussion:

Damage recording and documentation:

  • Regulatory standards of fixing losses and estimating losses amount;
  • Legislative initiatives concerning recording and documenting losses;
  • General recommendations for recording and documenting losses;
  • Types of business losses;
  • Recording losses on online platforms.

Criminal proceedings as a way to record and recover damages caused by war:

  • Investigation and jurisdiction of criminal cases related to war;
  • The initial stage of criminal proceedings: priority actions;
  • Standards of fixation in criminal proceedings;
  • Standards for evidence.

Potential ways to compensate for losses:

  • Compensation for losses by special commissions;
  • Prospects for compensation of damages from russia in the national court;
  • Enforcement of the decision of the national court on reimbursement of damages from the russian federation;
  • Appeal to the ECtHR and prospects for the enforcement of the ECtHR decision.

External financing of litigation:

  • Funders, for and against: risk sharing vs profit sharing;
  • Overview of the funding process and basic terms;
  • Reimbursement of losses from russia: will the funders take risks?

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