Bankruptcy and Restructuring

LCF is recognised as one of the strongest law firms in Ukraine in Bankruptcy and Restructuring practice. As of the beginning of 2018 we have advised on cases with an aggregate value of over $1bn in corporate bankruptcy area.

LCF has been acting in a number of high-profile notable bankruptcies, including in the context of corporate conflicts and involving a large number of interconnected litigations in Ukraine and foreign jurisdictions. Majority of the involved bankrupt entities are active industrial corporates with complex asset structures and are wealth-creating and vital for cities and regions.

We involve the best litigators and arbitrators, executives with expertise in specific sectors, auditors from leading international firms, influential court experts and appraisers, and collaborate with trading houses and electronic exchanges with impeccable market reputation.

Building on its vast experience, LCF has been actively involved in the ongoing changes to the key bankruptcy and litigation regulations and governing framework. LCF partners and advisors form part of working groups at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, and actively participate in advisory meetings with experts from the International Monetary Fund, the Council of Europe, USAID, the Independent Association of Ukrainian Banks.

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