Insurance Litigation

It is especially important for us when attorneys understand the intricacies of the financial and insurance market and speak with us the same language. Svitlana Sukhorukova, Director of Legal and Compliance Department, Allianz Ukraine Insurance Company

LCF has a far-reaching experience in representing both Ukrainian and international insurance companies. Among our clients are: Allianz Ukraine, Colonnade Ukraine (QBE Ukraine), European Travel Insurance, Kyiv Insurance House, Insurance Company ‘Persha’, Insurance Group TAS.

LCF engages with the best expert institutions and highly qualified professionals within the insurance sector. Our portfolio of successfully resolved disputes includes cases in specialised areas of life insurance, property insurance, professional and civil liability, insurance against financial risks and litigation costs, insurance of assets including investments, loans, guarantees granted and guarantees received, as well as corporate, environmental and cyber insurance.

In the financial services market our team is known to represent insurance companies in disputes with the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) and the National Commission for financial services regulation with great efficiency. Other successful projects include protection of policyholders’ interests in disputes over the amount and enforcement of insurance payments.


  • legal substantiation to the rejected insurance claims
  • enforcement of payment of insurance claims
  • contestating insurance contracts
  • indemnification of damages through regress or subrogation processes
  • recovery from MTIBU of reglementary payments, including payments due by insurance companies in bankruptcy
  • contesting, on behalf of insurance companies, use of means of influence by MTIBU and other regulators
  • dispute resolution with MTIBU as to the gathering, distribution and reimbursement of funds within the centralised insurance reserve fund
  • reinsurance dispute resolution


$ 5 mln. Галузь:
Settlement of a dispute over insurance payment in an incident with Eurocar
$ 3 mln. Галузь:
Settlement of a dispute over recovery of the insurance payment for damages resulting from an accident on an oil extraction factory
European company - leader of the insurance market in Ukraine
$ 2 mln. Галузь:
Litigation with an insurance company over recovery of the contracted reinsurance payments


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