Contractual Litigation

LCF is the TOP law firm in litigation practice: profound knowledge of jurisprudence and excellent expertise in bankruptcy. Oleg Bigdan, Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Bunge Ukraine

The age of continuous innovation in business operations, technologies and products, backed by fast-evolving framework of international business norms and practices, requires forward thinking in contractual set-up of a business and dictates new approach in solving contractual disputes.

LCF’s attorneys benefit from extensive experience in contractual dispute resolution, having successfully defended our clients’ interests in cases worth over $400 mln.

Among our clients are Kuwait Energy Ukraine, MRIYA Agro Holding, S.I. Group consort Ukrenergy, Villeroy & Boch, Eridon, Nikmorservices, Yuria-Pharm and others.

We offer disputes resolution in contractual matters of

  • pre-contractual disputes and incentives to enter into agreements
  • amendment and termination of agreements, including in circumstances of a material change
  • validity of contracts
  • signing and execution of agreements
  • contractual enforcement
  • assignment of rights under the contracts
  • penalty payments under the agreements
  • contractual indemnification for damages
  • termination of obligations under the contracts

LCF offers dispute advisory in various areas of contractual relations, including

  • privatisation
  • supply of goods, including, according to foreign agreements
  • performance of duties and provision of services
  • lease of state and communal property
  • leasing
  • subcontracting
  • joint activities
  • insurance
  • banking activity
  • property management
  • agency and trust services
  • transportation
  • factoring


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