Client Representation in Supreme Court

LCF is the best choice for dealing with non-standard disputes that require an in-depth analysis, individual approach, sound and consistent legal position at all stages of defence and litigation process. Svitlana Sukhorukova, Director of Legal and Compliance Department, Allianz Ukraine Insurance Company

Since the establishment of the new Supreme Court in 2018, LCF’s attorneys have been involved in more than 50 cassation proceedings. Cassation rulings in LCF cases have become important legal precedents, creating the basis for judicial practice in similar disputes.

LCF has represented interests of such clients as Alfa Bank, Ukrsotsbank, Toskombank, Nikmorservice, AVK, Fozzy Group, Yuria-Pharm and individual shareholders in the Supreme Court with positive outcomes.


  • case due diligence to identify the grounds for cassation appeal
  • establishment of the legal position in the Supreme Court case to ensure:
    • cassation review of the case
    • case transfer to the appropriate chamber, including the Grand Chamber, of the Supreme Court
    • reassessment of case cassation at the request of a person previously not involved in the proceedings
  • preparation of procedural documents for cassation proceedings
  • representation during court sessions in the Supreme Court panels, appropriate chambers and the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court



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