Anritrust & Competition

An outstanding knowledge of corporate law. Legal 500 EMEA 2017

Ukraine’s antitrust policy is shaped by the EU integration path and requires businesses to comply with the progressive legislative framework when contemplating and executing various transactions.

LCF is a legal adviser to the international and largest Ukrainian companies with dominant market positions in an array of industries: finance, agriculture, infrastructure, aviation, energy, pharmaceuticals etc. LCF’s track record includes obtaining concentration clearances for Alfa Insurance, Noble Jade (Netherlands), Avtomagistral-Pivden and others.

We provide extensive experience in antitrust investigations into abuses of market dominance and concerted actions, anti-dumping investigations, appeals against public procurement and antitrust litigation  cases of great complexity and high-value. This expertise allows our clients to accurately forecast any potential risks of a project and develop the most effective mitigating solutions.

Areas of expertise:

  • provision of preliminary findings on the need of prior permits for concentration and / or concerted action
  • obtaining permits for concentration and / or concerted action
  • representation during antitrust investigations
  • representation and advisory in issues related to public procurement, including appeal during their execution
  • issues relating to natural monopolies
  • audit of adherence of agreements and contracts to the antitrust and competition laws
  • advisory and representation in matters of unfair competition, including spreading of false information
  • Antitrust litigation and dispute resolution


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