Antitrust Litigation

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Ukraine’s most urgent economic issue is ensuring fair business competition in the midst of a fierce fight between businesses for market share. The attention of the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) is constantly focused on market leaders and businesses with fast-paced growth. A significant number of disputes arises when contesting results of public procurement, during business expansion and acquisition of assets in Ukraine and abroad, and in the area of intellectual property.

The specificity of antitrust disputes requires a thorough understanding of client’s industry, as well as corporate finance and technical aspects of its business. LCF’s Antitrust specialist team provides a comprehensive approach and tailor-made solutions for each client.


  • contesting barriers to business activity by public authorities (e.g. illegal claims and restrictions, prohibitions, discriminatory conditions)
  • appeal against the outcome of investigations into concentration and acting in concert, and against agreements concluded without prior approval of AMCU
  • appeal against competitor’s actions, conclusions and decisions of the regulator regarding cartels and / or unfair competition, and against allegations of misrepresentation in advertising
  • issues of natural monopolies, price-setting and tariffs
  • appeal against public procurement process and results
  • appeal against financial penalties imposed by state authorities
  • judicial recourse in matters of fair competition, protection of rights and indemnification of damages resulting from a violation of antitrust laws



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