Real Estate Litigation

LCF always offers the most effective dispute resolution strategy, shows perfect knowledge of jurisprudence and judicial proceedings. Tetyana Pasechnko, Director of Legal Department, Milkiland N.V.

Professional business activities in the field of property development & construction as well as private real estate transactions carry significant number of litigation risks. LCF develops customised business-focused dispute resolution strategy backed by our extensive litigation expertise and team’s first-hand experience. We work with the best industry experts, property appraisers and technical surveyors.

LCF attorneys’ litigation experience in this specialised field allows our clients to minimise any potential risks in the future from the early stage of project design and development. We advise the leading domestic and international investors, property developers and construction companies.


  • protection of real estate property rights
  • protection of the right of use
  • judicial appeal against state registration of property rights and security pledges over real estate
  • administrative appeal against state registration of property rights and security pledges over real estate with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and local authorities
  • dispute resolution relating to privatisation of public property
  • dispute resolution relating to lease of public property
  • real estate investment dispute resolution
  • dispute resolution arising from unauthorised construction
  • appeal against decisions, actions or inactions of the state planning & construction authorities
  • appeal against penalties for non-compliance with city planning rules
  • real estate tax dispute resolution



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$ 30 mln. Галузь:
Recognition through the court of appeal of the rights to a plot of land for resort construction


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