Legal Expert Opinions

For over a decade of our collaboration, LCF lawyers have helped our team to find a way out of and win in the most hopeless situations. Svitlana Sukhorukova, Director of Legal and Compliance Department, Allianz Ukraine Insurance Company

Thorough legal analysis and expert opinions allow LCF to effectively challenge and eventually change the established legal approach and judicial practices – thus creating new precedents. We involve the best legal experts in providing opinions in most complex cases.

LCF works hand in hand with the leading and most respected academic institutions in Ukraine, such as the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Legal Framework for Innovation, Institute of Legislation with the Parliament of Ukraine etc.

LCF’s specialists have testified as Ukrainian law experts at the London Court of International Arbitration, the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes. We work with renown international experts who provide written affidavits on the application of foreign law in Ukrainian courts.

We provide legal expert opinions on the matters of

  • use of legal analogy and compatibility with the spirit of law
  • interpretation and application of laws
  • content and application of foreign laws
  • content and application of Ukrainian laws for submission to foreign courts and arbitration institutions


$ 3 mln. Галузь:
Obtaining an expert opinion and settlement of a dispute over recovery of the insurance payment for damages resulting from an accident on an oil extraction factory


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