Pro Bono

The concept of pro bono (from Latin ‘pro bono publico’: for the public good) is an integral part of LCF’s philosophy: as part of the society we share the responsibility for its development and tackling of social problems. We support a variety of cultural and artistic initiatives, participate in perfecting legislation, promote improvement of legal culture and professional standards.


LCF acted as the main partner of a unique art exhibition in the parliament Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

LCF acted as the main partner of a unique art exhibition in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the subject of land. This continuation to the art project “Land Response” was implemented to attract the attention of parliamentarians and the general public to the problem of unrestrained land market in Ukraine. The exhibition was of particular importance as it took place on the centennial anniversary of the Soviet Decree on Land which created a nationwide land fund.


Yulia Atamanova supports The Mini-Moot of the second Jessup Summer School

LCF supported the second summer school, which took place in July 2017 within the framework of the contest in judiciary debates named after Philip Jessup. Yulia Atamanova, counsel at LCF, acted as a judge during the debate. Support for this competition allowed students from various universities to gain experience in court debates and prepare for participation in the main competition.


LCF Law Group acted as Partner and Founder of the smart-art-media project “Land Response”

LCF acted as a partner and founder of the Land Response project. This is a unique social project consisting of three parts: “smart” (forecast analytics), “art” (participation of artists for deepening dialogue on the matter) and “media” (media coverage of the project). The project is devoted to the study of possible scenarios for the land market’s development in Ukraine. The study was conducted by Valery Pekar, alongside the WikiCityNomika team.

“First of all, in this project it is important for us that the findings are independent and not committed. We are attracted by the fact that the study will form scenarios for the development of the land market, and not create a response to someone’s narrow corporate interests. This approach creates trust and opportunity for discussing scenarios in the community, among experts and practitioners. And the public consensus is a precondition for the successful implementation of any reform,” commented Artem Stoyanov.


Anna Ogrenchuk acts as lecturer in the educational initiative Leadership in Law

Anna acted as a lecturer in the Leadership in Law educational platform for lawyers. This is an educational initiative that teaches students and young lawyers the basics of building and managing a law firm. Anna gave a lecture on building an effective legal practice within the framework of the programme “Managing a Competitive Law Business”.


LCF Law Group joined the online charity platform Charitum

LCF Law Group joined the online auction Charitum which took place from 19 April to 25 April. The auctioned lot was a flight over Kyiv in the legendary American aircraft Cessna 172 with LCF’s Managing Partner Anna Ogrenchuk. The auction proceeds were donated to the charitable fund for assisting ATO members and their families “KOLO”.

CHARITUM is a network of charity online auctions conducted by people who have succeeded in their work. Some are famous, some are widely known in narrow circles. The main mission of the platform is to ensure that each lot has a practical benefit for the winner.


LCF has supported the ELSA Moot Court (EMC2)

LCF Law Group acted as the official partner of the European Regional Round of ELSA Moot Court (EMC2), student competition on the rights of WTO, organised annually by the European Student Rights Association (ELSA). LCF regularly supports projects of young lawyers from the Association, as one of the priorities of the firm is to support and grow young legal talent. We proudly sponsored the launch of EMC2 – a world-renowned competition involving students from over 100 universities each year. The right to hold the Regional Round is a great honour for the country, as well as a unique opportunity to support its image abroad.