Ihor Yanovych

Horizontals series, №34


One of the artworks in LCF’s gallery is the painting by Ihor Yanovych from the Horizontals series, entitled №34. At the origin of the series is a number of separate spontaneous compositions on paper in a single format. But gradually works accumulated, thus the full collection was created named Horizontals. In the absence of a rigid conceptual framework, artist was able to experiment with materials, enjoy the maximum freedom of fluid creativity. Paper is a fantastic blank canvas: it allows artist to paint, smudge, spray, create textures and shapes, glue other materials to it, tear it, cut it.

Ihor Yanovych

Born 1944 in Kyiv. 1971 – graduated from the Lviv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts (department of art ceramics). Member of the Artists’ Union of the USSR since 1986. Since 1988 he works with “Ekspress-Avangard” association at the Soviet Cultural Foundation (established in 1986, Moscow, Russia). 1988-91 – participated in various exhibitions in the USSR and other countries. Participated in more than 70 foreign and international projects, organised 25 personal exhibitions and projects in Ukraine, Poland, Austria and Germany. Lives and works in Lviv.



2009, paper, mixed technique, 61х168.