Business Protection in Criminal Proceedings

LCF Law Group copes perfectly with complex deals with high execution risk and time pressure. Legal 500 EMEA 2017

LCF attorneys offer professional legal assistance to businesses in criminal proceedings related to financial, accounting, tax and/or abuse of office crimes.

During the normal course of business, both shareholders and executive managers of a company are exposed to potential risks of criminal prosecution. Unprincipled competitors and counteragents have been known to use criminal accusations and initiate proceedings as a means of triggering pressures from law enforcement agencies. We develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for protecting business from such criminal persecutions, and, if necessary, initiate criminal proceedings on behalf of our clients.


  • legal audit of company’s activities in order to identify possible risks of criminal prosecution
  • development and implementation of an effective defence strategy in criminal proceedings
  • preparation of company’s executive directors and employees for possible investigative actions
  • legal assistance during investigative process (including in interrogations, search, provision of temporary access to property and documents, notification of suspicion)
  • corporate finance expert opinion (e.g. evaluation of losses, accounting audit)
  • preparation of procedural documents in criminal proceedings
  • representation in courts
  • application process to the European Court of Human Rights 


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