Intellectual Property

We have been successfully cooperating with LCF for many years. It is a strong team for resolving disputes in the pharmaceutical sector and on intellectual property matters. Vadym Mitlytskyi, Head of Department of Legal Support, Pharmaceutical Corporation YURiA-PHARM

Intellectual capital has become an integral part of modern society and business, and as such requires a comprehensive strategy for ensuring its security and protection before it is put to use or rights to it are violated. LCF has a unique experience in advising companies on issues relating to intellectual property, including registration of intellectual property rights, structuring of corporate’s intangible asset base, contractual regulation, taxation of income from intellectual property etc. Our clients recognise LCF’s expertise and added value to their business interests when faced with new business practices: e-commerce, creation of start-ups, use of cryptocurrencies, GDPR.

We build a high-quality and secure legal environment for business operations in the era of digitalisation and open data.

Areas of expertise

  • due diligence of company’s / project’s intellectual property
  • comprehensive intellectual property protection framework
  • structuring of corporate’s intangible asset base
  • formalising of contractual relations with the authors
  • contractual rights of disposal of intellectual property
  • protection of rights and interests of new information and digital technologies
  • trademarking
  • protection against unfair competition
  • fight against counterfeit goods
  • protection against parallel imports
  • protection of intellectual property rights within Internet space
  • e-commerce
  • protection of commercial secrets and confidential information
  • protection of personal data
  • compliance with GDPR requirements



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