Energy & Natural Resources

LCF uses creative approach in case analysis and in formulating their legal position, they equally offer a deep understanding of the energy industry. Their lawyers’ use of expert opinions is also a differentiating factor. Oleksandr Isaienko, Deputy General Manager, Arab Energy Alliance UA

LCF is the legal advisor of choice to the large exploration & production, refining, renewable energy and waste recycling companies. Our clients include: Ares System Ltd. (Ariana Business Limited), Boston Industrial Corporation L.P., Carpatsky Petroleum Corporation, East Europe Petroleum (Golden Derrik), Kuwait Energy, Smith Ukraine, S.I. Group Consort, Vikoil, Ukrenergy Coal, Arab Energy Alliance, BRSM, Kyivenergo, Ukrnaftoburinnya.

We have an unparalleled track record in structuring, drafting, negotiating and successfully executing production sharing agreements and joint ventures in exploration as well as extraction between private and public entities.

LCF’s specialist counsels are always up-to-date and in tune with the industry’s specific regulatory issues and customer’s business objectives at every step of the legal process. Our clients value our ability to solve out-of-ordinary legal issues, arising in complex and high-value projects involving private capital.

Our successful litigation experience with the state regulator, in cases relating to the subsoil usage permits, allows us to detect and reduce any risk of permit disputes and regulatory issues from the outset of any project.

We advise industry corporates in the normal course of business during their industrial activity, have unique experience in dispute resolution with regard to accidents and emergencies in exploration & production activities, and cooperate with the leading industry specialists and research scientists.

Areas of expertise

  • drafting, review, negotiation and execution of production sharing agreements, joint ventures, public-private partnerships
  • legal advisory in development and implementation of investment projects in the oil & gas sector during exploration and production, (re)construction of energy (including renewable) infrastructure
  • ensuring compliance with regulatory and permit procedures for the use of reserves
  • tax advisory and structuring
  • ensuring compliance with the antitrust and competition laws
  • corporate law advisory
  • dispute resolution and litigation within the energy & natural resources industry


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